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itimlogo iTim brings Free International Messaging
Our goal is to bring a method of messaging friends and families irrespective of where they are in the world without any international charges. So, let's communicate :). There are two groups of international messaging users. Determine which group you belong to and follow the tutorial.


iTim now has a free version for international users, once your friends get the free the itim app, you can text them by using their iTim iD.

Tip: You can change the country code by typing the plus "+" sign then the number.

If your friends cannot get the free itim app, you can text them after they send a text to your iTim Address (ex. john@itim.me) as text/mms (not email). Once you receive their text, you should reply back and they should get it. Otherwise, we strongly suggest your friends get the itim app so they can save too (and have fun doing it).

Types of International Users:

1. Non-USA To USA: People outside North Ameria who want to message their friends and families in United States and Canada

Ex. American Business men on trips in Asia, American Students studying abroad, Philipino Mother whose son is in an American College, etc.


2. Anywhere To Non-USA: People who want to message their friends and families living outside the United States and Canada

Ex. British Student in London whose friend is in Paris, France.


International To USA

So you live in Sydney Australia and your best friend is in college in Florida, USA. Here's how you text them without any international charges.

1. Click the new message.

2. Enter their US/Canadian Number.

3. Send Message, Video, Picture, etc



Anywhere To International

So you live in London, England and your friend lives in Paris, France. Here's how you message them:
(your friend should also have the itim app, if they don't, tell them to get it :) because they save too)

1. Click the new message button.

2. Click switch to IM button (or New IM Button on the iPad).

3. Enter their international phone number or their itim nickname (much easier)

4. Send your message, picture, video, etc.

Enjoy Texting and MMS-ing !