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How to Use the Amazing iTim

[iTim Users]

dot How to Save Animated Gif to iPhone/iPod Touch

dot How to View/Play Animations with Sound.

dot How to Send/Forward Video Messages.

dot How to Receive Replies from other Mobile Phones

dot How to Send Animations with or without Sound

dot How to Send Animations with or without Sound

dot How to Send Messages and Media to other iTim Users

dot How to Add Video to iTim Gallery

For Non-iTim Users

dot How to send a photo message from a blackberry to an itim user

dot How to reply to an iTim message.

dot How to Send animation with sound to an iTim User.

dot How to Send Video to an iTim User.

dotHow to Save Animated GIFs to iPhone/iPod Touch
*Requires OS 3.0 or greater and internet access (Mobile or WiFi)

1. Open Safari and find the animation you want to save.

2. Touch and Hold the animation until the save menu pops up.

3. Touch/Click Copy (DO NOT TOUCH SAVE).

4. Now Open iTim Text App and wait for it to load

5. iTim will recognize the animation and display the estimated size of the animation. Note: ideal size for mobile is less than 600kb

6. When saving is complete, you will get an alert and the animation will be in your iTim Gallery animation section.
dotHow to View/Play Animations with Sound

1. So your friend sent you an animation with sound.

2. Go to your Conversation (convo) with your friend.

3. Simple touch the animation to play.
dotHow to Send/Forward Video Messages

*Requirement: video must be in your itim gallery and must have been played. (See how to get videos to itim gallery)

1. Go to your Conversation (convo) with your friend.

2. Touch/Select the camera icon at the bottom left.

3. Touch/Select iTim Gallery

4. Touch/Select Videos

5. Touch/Select the video you want to send. A pop menu will appear

6. Touch/Select Send

7. Enter your message and send away :)