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iTim Text 5.0.5 - Full MMS, GoogleVoice...and more
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"...the only text app with video texting to any type of cellphone...Incredible"
bulb What is iTim?

iTim stands for Internet Text Instant Messenger. The New iTim App is a text messaging app that replicates and upgrades the features of the native iPhone text (iMessage) app (including video, audio and animation texting). iTim text is the most advanced text app in the iPhone Appstore.

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bulb How To Install iOS 5

iTim beta developer testers who would like to test the new itim 5.0 beta app will need to have iOS 5 beta on their device. Here's how to install it (You must be part of our beta team or request to join it)

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bulb Join iTim Beta team

Want access to the cool new advancements before your friends? Like playing with state of the art technology? Join the iTim Beta Team and get all the latest stuff plus lots more

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bulb Experience iTim 4.2.7

Want a phone number for your texts on iTim?
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NEW Features (learn more):icon
1. Make and Send Ringtones as text messages to any cellphone.

2. Video Messaging on all iPhones including the iphone 3G using third party video recorder apps.

3. Use your own songs as ringtones.

4. Record and send Videos from iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S.

5. Send and Receive YouTube Videos from iPods, iPads and iPhones as MMS to Mobile Phones.

6. Send Voice Texts and reply to Google Voice Voicemails with your own voice messages.

7. Add Sounds to your Photos or Animations and send to Any Mobile Cellphone.

8. Post your photos, animation or video MMS received from Mobiles to Facebook or Twitter.

9. Send and Receive Location MMS to share where you are with your friends no matter what phone they have.

If you have any problems installing the latest update, Learn How to Install iTim 4.2.7 if it crashes.

bulb How To Use iTim

iTim is really easy to use. However, we urge you to check out this section to learn how to get the most out of iTim.

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bulb Why we did it

Because the Freedom to Connect Drives Us All. No Limits, No Charges. Only With iTim. We are on a mission and we want you to join us as we try to change the world.

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bulb Got Issues?

"My iTim App will not launch - how do i fix it"

"I can't delete a photo i received"

bulb Video/Photo MMS

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video message is indescribable. Send and Receive mobile video messages on your iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad
Photo MMS is of course included :)

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bulb Animation Messaging

ANIMATION MESSAGINGgoogle voice logo
Enjoy MMS animations with ZOOM. Send and Receive Animation to Cellphones or iPod Touch/iPhone (2G/3G/3GS).

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bulb Photos Anyone? :)

Send and Receive Pictures to Cellphones or iPod Touch/iPhone (2G/3G/3GS).

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bulb Cool MMS Stuff

Don't you just hate it when your friends send a funny animation with audio to your iPhone? It really sucks because no only does the iPhone split the sound from the animation by putting them in two seperate message bubbles, you can't even see the animation in full screen. Worst of all, you can't join the fun of forwarding it...the iPhone only lets you forward the animation...not the sound.
Well we fixed it :) iTim Text App lets you enjoy this type of MMS as it was intended.

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bulb Add Audio to Photo MMS

So you have a funny caption for a photo you want to send to your friend's cellphone and you want to add your voice describing it. Easy! use your iTim Text App, select the photo and add your recorded voice and Send. :)

bulb Text iPod Songs

Listening to a song that you would like to share? Easy! Choose the song from your iPod library and select your favorite portion, and send to friends' cellphones.

bulb More Amazing iTim Stuff

We are always adding new features. Our users always think of new stuff and we love giving you guys what you want :)

bulb Still Using OS 2.2.1?

We Love You too. Not all of you have upgraded to OS 3.0 or greater. Not to worry, you can still copy/forward messages. Only with iTim.

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itim chrome app

** Just Got the iTim Chrome App? **

In your Chrome browser, click the New Tab button (or press Ctrl T) and click the iTim icon to begin :)

** Don't have Google Chrome? **
Want to send and receive text from your Computer? Or even do picture messaging to and from any cellphone from your web browser? It's easy. Check out the new iTim Text App on Google Chrome Webstore.
Includes: Voice-to-text, notifications, send picture MMS via webcam and more...

bulb Advertise on iTim

Mobiles Ads?plane
Got a new App launching? Or looking to brand your product on Mobile? It's easy. You can advertise on the new iTim Text app.

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bulb Google Voice + Push

WANT GOOGLE VOICE + MMS?google voice logo
iTim Text 5.0.5 is now the only App in the Appstore that has push notifications for your google voice SMS with MMS built into conversation stream and Voicemail. This is why iTim is the best app for Google Voice.

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bulb Get a U.S. Local Number

it is really easy to set up a phone number for your iTim app. It is purely optional because iTim works fine even if you don't get a number.

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bulb International Use

On Vacation or a Business Trip abroad? Serving in the Middle East. Connect With Your Family and Friends in the U.S. for FREE.

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bulbGot iPhone 2G?

We Love You too. Now you can send and receive MMS, just like the iPhone 3G. One-Touch Auto-Retrieve viewmymessage MMS. Only with iTim

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